Friday, September 25, 2009

sept 12th from Roma

Sept 12

mis amicas i amicos

buona sera!
i am here jetlagged and astonished, in what is a five star hotel with fantastic food up on monteverde---as green as that sounds, the top of the janiculum—one of the oldest hills
next door to their central park which is the villa doria pamphili where garibaldi fought the french (and lost) in 1849 attempting to create the italian republic. plaques to the dead ragazzi abound as do statues on tops of buildings reaching into blue skies
packing was harder than the trip. the weather has been fantastic-warm in sun, cool in shade, cooler at night and today at 6pm we had rain-- a lively drenching.
the morning after we arrived there was a film shoot out the window complete with women in polka dotted dresses and shiny cars pulling out and in. the carabinieri protecting us and the embassys dotted up and down the road we live on.
galileo presumably worked in one of the houses on the grounds and the food (2x a day) is all organic chez panisse style so definitely italian nouvelle.
there are pieces of statuary among the colonnades and a fountain spouting continuously from cherubim's head.
my studio is 30 feet high--'heroic' says one of the fellows, so i begin imagining my film here....light, site, faces...all the while
meeting various artists and scholars, many from nyc who know some of my pals.
but we shopped today for food so i am living here definitivo.
will be on skype shortly so can call you for free and you all can reach me at the following numbers and addresses:
hope to hear from you and more to come
for now
much love

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