Friday, September 25, 2009

roma 9-22


The city on the hill with the clouds covering it grey and grey again and up top clouds
there is not a skyscraper in this city it is amazing a horizon of villas of pink and orange and tangerine and yellow and clay and ochre. And above the clouds are ripe breaking, a promise of a future sun.

my Italian is steadily improving. I make sentences and mix the feminine and masculine.
Did you know the words that represent feminine things are masculine and vice versa.
So really with an accent at end: como cafĂ©, look masculine and are feminine. And various other plurals. Confuso but its fun too since we are building a vocabulary and structure. Doppo como despues…molto interssante

The characters of the folks are coming out—some annoying and others more and more endearing.
We cooked Sunday and indeed there are some great cooks here.
Stephen’s fantastic Italian cauliflower with onions garlic pignoli nuts and raisons.
Lauren’s lentils with parsley and shallots uncooked and red wine vinegar.
Uyum….am I eating too much? for sure. But trying to keep it all under control.
A bit difficil

Practiced yoga twice already in my heroic studio. Fun especially with another

John Guare arrived tonight and fun to see him and Adelaide kiss and snuggle. Why am I so touched by affection that is long built?
Like the quote from Willa Cather….a promise of kindness..

On the film front got out letters first emails, contacted Kodak and Matt made good connect with laboratorio. So cross fingers etc. Now more research, screen tests and buying of film. Will need to take out money domani.

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